Wellcom to Laos, explore a peaceful place next to Vietnam right now!

Wellcom to Laos, explore a peaceful place next to Vietnam right now!

Recalling the emotion that just crossed the border, I burst into silence as I dare not believe it is true. Maybe it is common with other people but it is a big deal for me. As a wanderer, like looking at life with his eyes and writing them through movies, I find myself happy even when I’m alone.


In one of the wanderings on Vietnam’s Great Bulk Forum, I read a topic about you about Indochina trip. So a small dream came into being. I never thought I would drive out of Vietnam to explore the world out there. We are worried, afraid, eager, disturbed … many emotions.

Then 2 years later, when all the fear of the past is no longer, I began to put my wheels out of Vietnam.

Let me tell you, the Lao are very friendly friends, I waving all hands to children who meet on the side road. If you are the person who likes to take portraits, ordinary life, go to Laos. Do not worry about being scolded or dismissed. Step into any restaurant you will hear “sa bai di” and “khop chai”, meaning they salute and thank you that, very polite. Perhaps also because of the gentle nature of the people that Lao transportation is extremely pleasant.

There are also traffic jams, but there will never be a horn. More than half a month in Laos, I was only afraid that my car horn was broken because I did not use it. Be carefree, if you don’t careless driver. They will definitely give you up. From the trucks to the expensive Rangrover cars, when they reached the crossroads, they stopped giving up. Rare to see a red light. I still remember the strange feeling when in Luang Prabang, at every crossroads I see people stop and then look at each other smile to invite the other.

About the scene

Perhaps due to the same in a climate, Laos is no different from Vietnam. But I am sure that a lot of hills in Laos. Your journey begins in the north of Laos, if you come here, you will no longer fear Vietnam’s four great passes. Laos Pass is long, very long and many many. Tips for you should not choose North Laos in the rainy season because the “specialty” that pass will be a danger for your trip.

I have encountered very much, sometimes even a few dozen slides in a day. The road is not good, tilting the side when the rain down, your wheels will be very easy to slip. The rainy season is not that beautiful. Rain water, flood water will turn the beautiful places such as Kuang Si waterfall is famous for the blue water color to become the Mekong River, the Red River only. Sit back and think, if you go to the dry season, maybe you will bring more photos, but whatever the fun. 7 days rainy for journey in neighbor country,you are happy too.

About food and culture

This one just dared to say crab because I go to just enjoy the scenery. Lao people seem to eat more sticky rice than rice, they eat by hands. Sticky rice and barbecue served together is sold in Laos very much.

In Laos they also worship Buddhism, a few Westerners like Christianity. But Lao New Year is like the Cambodian New Year with Thailand, that is in April every year. You can go to Laos at this time to attend water splashing.


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