HOT: Let’s go to Viet Nam now! H&M has opened first store wellcom to you in Vincom Dong Khoi, Ho Chi Minh city

11AM was officially opened but early in the morning, the delegation to Vincom Dong Khoi was long unimaginable. So how big is the influence of H&M?

According to the plan, finally H&M Vietnam officially opened, in the expectation of many fashion fanatics. Announcement will open at 11am but very early, the delegation pulled to the commercial center of Vincom Dong Khoi was unbelievable. Based on what we recorded, by about 9am, there were about 2,000 people here, ready to ambush for the first H&M outing. In general, this can be considered as a great start to this famous brand.

The staff is preparing for H & M’s lucky draws.

Miss.Hoang Oanh is the host of this event.

The third prize is a voucher worth 2 million VND.
In addition, the first prize is 6 million, the second prize is 4 million. And this is the portrait of the lucky ones.

The staffs are starting to cheer, preparing for the next flashmob dance.

The fun flashmob dance of H & M staff.

H&M Vietnam officially cut the ribbon.

The first group to enter the shopping.

The line of sunshine to get into H & M.

Inside the store, the scene is more “chaotic”. Every square meter is hard.
All areas are crammed viewer.

Picking the item was hard, getting into the test room was even harder.

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