Going to Thailand as much as going to the market but we still do not understand this country so much!

Going to Thailand as much as going to the market but we still do not understand this country so much!

Abandon a vibrant Thailand with its hustle and bustle, world-class business centers or busy night markets. Will you be confident that you will explore this country in a completely different way?

Thailand actually has so many places to go, there are many regions to explore no worse than any country. But the tourist cities of this place are so famous and attractive that we overlook other hidden beauty anymore.

Thailand’s Journey – small pieces


Do not choose Bangkok, you can choose Phuket as your stop. Before we left, we received a lot of warnings about the status of tourism, no longer retain the natural beauty of this land. However, with the motto is to find new perspective, not to find new land, you can still go with a wide open heart, without prejudice.

1 . Bangla road:

This place can be considered as the most famous and international tourist attraction in Phuket, this night’s road full of light, music, dancers, street artists, nightclubs,… activity exciting to near light. It can be said, when you come here and mix into the “party” atmosphere, no one can be sad.

2. Phuket old town:

Contrary to the busy day of the tourist city, the old town of Phuket is quiet and attracts visitors with ancient architectural beauty, the houses are covered in bright colors in the sunshine. There are many old-fashioned cafes around the city, along with the most courteous waiters.

3. Featured islands:

– Koh Phi Phi: Probably the most popular islands when traveling to Phuket and Krabi. The beauty of white sand, crystal clear waters, and also considered one of the cleanest beaches in the world, combined with many sea sports activities attracted every nation here.

– 3 Khai: These islands are not big but have special attraction from many fish swimming around, close to humans. Coming here, visitors will have beautiful pictures under the water where rare.

– Similan: This place has the most diverse marine life and few people come here because the Thailand government is only open for tourism from October to May every year, to preserve the sea. If you are in Phuket during this time, consider Similan Island as a preferred diving option.

– Coral: Like the name of the island, around the coast are colorful coral reefs and symbiotic sea creatures. Especially, the coral reef has very fast tide and there are quite a lot of gai, when diving tourists need to pay attention to avoid accidental injury.

4. Night Market

The markets in Phuket are not as big as Bangkok, but bring in the unique charm of the coastal city. In addition to the typical souvenir, the cuisine in Phuket is diverse due to the influence of many cultures and religions. Large size seafood dishes but not too high prices, satisfy all the street food devotees.


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