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Countries like paradise on the earth where captivated by the beauty of natural scenery

Every country in the world has at least one thing worth exploring, from local cuisine to impressive architecture. However, beauty is a difficult concept. Every year, the World Economic Forum gives a report on the competitiveness of nations, which takes into account many factors, from infrastructure to natural resources. Natural resources are assessed on the

8 colorful Chinatowns around the world

Chinatown is formed around the world including in East Asia, Southeast Asia, North America, Australia and Europe. Some Chinatowns have long history and were established more than 200 years ago, of which the Chinatown in San Francisco (California) was the first Chinatown established outside of Asia. 1. SINGAPORE Situated near the bustling commercial center, Chinatown

Beijing – The city have many Billionaire on the world

China’s capital is predicted to be a new destination for wealthy people, with ancient buildings, fine restaurants and fascinating sights. This city has a perfect blend of classical and modern. One of the largest squares in the world, from Tiananmen Square, you can see old buildings, the Forbidden City Gate, and a beautiful corner of

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