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The Land where women married to many people and men are proud to be the most handsome in the world

Wodaabe women in Niger are entitled to many husbands, and men here try to beautify their wives. Men of the Wodaabe tribe are considered arrogant because they always believe that they have the most handsome appearance in the world. They love beauty and mirrors are indissoluble, according to the BBC. Wodaabe each year held a

The 10 most luxurious and magical castle in the world

The ancient, grandiose castles around the world were not only the residence of royalty or nobility but also a source of inspiration for literary and cinematographic works. Neuschwanstein castle, Bavaria, Germany: Located on a hill in Bavaria near the Austrian border, Neuschwanstein is the image of the royal castle in the fairytale. This is also

Kimchi – soul of Korean cuisine, know as the national guard of this beautiful country

Appearing more than 4,000 years ago, kimchi was invented by people as a versatile dish, becoming the soul of Korean cuisine. Saying about Korean cuisine, it is impossible not to mention kimchi, one of the typical dishes in the culinary culture of the people of this country. Kimchi is a mixture of vegetables and fruits

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