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Countries like paradise on the earth where captivated by the beauty of natural scenery

Every country in the world has at least one thing worth exploring, from local cuisine to impressive architecture. However, beauty is a difficult concept. Every year, the World Economic Forum gives a report on the competitiveness of nations, which takes into account many factors, from infrastructure to natural resources. Natural resources are assessed on the

9 Must-Have Experiences in Venice, Italy

Venice is one of our favorite spots in Italy. Why? It is small and compact, perfect to be explored with just a few days time. Venice is romantic, historic, and gorgeous. The canals, the gondolas, the architecture, the colorful towns of Murano and Burano…what is not to love? Just Wander…Get Lost in Venice Put down your

Vietnam reached the top 10 cheapest honeymoon destinations in the world

The famous tourist site Lonely Planet has announced the list of 10 most affordable moon places in the world, including Vietnam. 1.Maroc   The strange Arabian country smells of aromatic and spices, with surprisingly low quality. It’s hard to beat the Maroc for romantic adventures inexpensively. Marrakesh, Fez and Essaouira are beautiful, sleepless cities full

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